Boiler Service: Why do I need to maintain my boiler?




Spotting problems before it’s too late!

Having a professional check your boiler means they can find potential issues which can be fixed cheaply and quickly, as opposed to buying a whole new boiler or splashing out on emergency repairs. This is especially important as the colder weather approaches and you rely on your boiler to heat your home day and night.

Checking your boiler on a yearly basis keeps your boiler running for longer too and fixing issues before they become too difficult to fix quickly. The engineer can also perform any minor fixes on the same day. Save money in the long run with a yearly boiler service MOT!

Keep you and your family safe

Boilers can produce carbon monoxide if they haven’t been installed or fixed properly. This gas is known as a silent killer because it’s colourless and odourless, making it difficult to notice. Symptoms can include headaches and breathlessness, but some poisoning cases have been fatal. Each year more than 4,000 people go to hospital because of CO poisoning, make sure you’re not part of that statistic.

The best way to remain safe is to have your boiler checked to make sure its in full working order and running safely. While performing a boiler service, a registered engineer will be able to spot any hazards that could arise or have already started. So you know your home is a safe and comfortable place to be!

Save money on your bills

While doing a boiler service, engineers can suggest any parts that need replacing or fixing. This may seem daunting and expensive, but an efficient boiler will keep bills down by using less energy on a daily basis. Less energy usage also means your home is more environmentally friendly and sustainable!

They’ll also make sure it’s running at maximum efficiency so you don’t need to pay more for household energy bills. Even brand new boilers need regular maintenance to make sure your investment is paying off! 

Rental property legalities

All landlords in the UK are legally obliged to keep gas installations maintained and safe to use, plus you need a Gas Safe certificate for any gas boiler. Even if the boiler is brand new, these certificates are still needed legally!

Most insurance policies ask you to check your boiler is safe to use, and an annual check complies with these requirements. One boiler service appointment can keep your boiler safe to use and legal. Make sure to get your boiler check scheduled and ensure the safety and efficiency of your home.

Want to learn more or need to arrange an annual boiler service check? Get in touch with us today to book yours.